Camphor Laurel Removal

Specialists in Camphor Laurel removal and Regeneration

Earth Logistics offers Land Restoration services, in the way of Camphor Laurel, Privet, Lantana and other invasive weed removal.

Some Camphor Laurel can be removed for FREE or we pay you for logs. (conditions apply)  

We have a number of techniques available. The method used will depend on the situation, landscape, number of trees to control and resources available.  It is important to plan your control program and take a long-term approach including follow-up treatments, control of other weed species, and planting of replacement species.

Step by step process

  1. Most Camphor is removed using a purpose-built excavator with 320* harvester head. This allows the trees to be cut as close to ground level as possible then be lifted out from around the native trees and placed down in a controlled manner.

  2. Wood waste is drag using a log skidder to a central point.

  3. Logs are then cut from the trees

  4. The Camphor stump is then poisoned by drilling into the stump.


The benefits

  • The native bush has light to grow.

  • Full tree utilisation of the waste.

  • All carbon is retained in the log and the future furniture. (Carbon Capture)

  • No on site burning.

  • Local jobs

  • No dead standing trees.

  • No risk of falling limbs and trees on people or new plants.

  • No dead rotting trees admitting carbon into the atmosphere. 

  • Green power from waste.



Rayco Track Mulching Machine 

Do you have a seriously overgrown paddock or lot, or a massive pile of tree crowns, or a tangled snarl of weeds or any number of brushy, scrubby scenarios? 

Save dollars and a bad back with the C100 Track Mulching Machine. This machine can work on steep and hard to get to sites, grinding down weeds up to 200mm in diameter, leaving mulch on the ground, ready for replanting.  This is accomplished with a specially designed track machine with rotary cutting drums that resemble giant rolling pins with teeth. 

The use of our track mulching machines is a very economical way to clear land, turning undesirable vegetation into good bio mass for the soil.  Additional benefits of track mulching include soil retention, retaining moisture for replanting and is seen as a one pass operation ready for the next stage of land use.



The Benefits:

·       Light and compact, with little ground disturbance

·       One pass operation

·       Turn weeds into quality biomass for your soil

·       No top soil run-off

·       No silt fences required

·       Instant mulch for soil retention, assisting in retaining moisture for replanting, and ready for the next stage of land use

·       Instant mulch, no weeds

·       Cost effective

(also available on the same machine, a stick-rake for rock removal)

Fire Breaks ?

Once again, the Rayco is the best tool for the job, coming on the back of heavy ridged truck it is quick to responded and for around $200 cost effective.

So if it’s the 6 way bucket you need to scrap and reshape the earth or the mulcher to cut in a fire in a rush or get prepared ahead of time this is the machine for the job.

Track Maintenance?

If your farm tracks that need maintenance between the Rayco or one of our excavators, we can get the job done.