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Earth Logistics is a diverse organisation specialising in the restoration and regeneration of land, focusing on the removal of Camphor Laurel and Weeds. Based in Northern NSW, our team covers both New South Wales and Queensland Border Regions.  


Earth Logistics is a team of highly trained and highly motivated land restoration operators and logging specialists that have serviced the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and South East Queensland for many years.


We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, including projects in earth works, general hire and bush regeneration in both the rural and commercial sectors, with our focus now being on Land regeneration.  In our bush regeneration projects, we pride ourselves on eliminating and eradicating introduced species invading native flora to protect the environment and encourage regeneration.


We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender trust.


We see diversity as our strength. With skilled operators in purpose built equipment the removal of Camphor Laurel and other weeds can be done with little to no damage to surrounding native forests.   


"Land Restoration, Mulching, Camphor Laurel Removal & Log Exports"


Earth Logistics Camphor Laurel Logging & Log Exports, Land Clearing & Mulching Services can be used for small and large vegetation control.  We offer services in land restoration, fire breaks, track maintenance, stump removal, removal of wood waste and earth works. 


The use of our track mulching machines is a very economical way to clear land, turning undesirable vegetation into good bio mass for the soil.  Additional benefits of track mulching include soil retention, retaining moisture for replanting and is seen as a one pass operation ready for the next stage of land use.



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